dissabte, 31 de gener del 2009


Since 2002 I'm a member of the 15/15 Film Festival. This travelling international festival involves a lot of people from differents continents. It has given me the opportunity to visit countries and meet the crew that form part of this event.

On August of 2005 I went to Bangkok (Thailand) and was introduced to Phioaboc and Sonthaya, the co-ordinators of the thai location. Of course, I did some shopping, ate really good food and discovered a library. This picture shows the entrance of the Pridi Banomyong Library, that belongs to the Thammasat University.

2 comentaris:

  1. Benvinguda al món blogger!!!! què guai el teu bloc de biblioteques del món!!! Ara toca viatjar viatjar i viatjar pel món de la lectura i les biblioteques!!!

    Un petó ben fort!

  2. I a tu pel que veig et toca cantar pel món! Gràcies per llegir-me. La propera entrada del bloc crec que t'agradarà molt, he, he. Petons