dilluns, 16 de maig del 2011


El personal de la Central Rappahannock Regional Library de Virginia (Estats Units) ha versionat el mític hit de les discoteques "I will survive" i l’ha convertit en “Libraries will survive”.

La cançó vol donar suport a les biblioteques, especialment en aquests moments de retallades als pressupostos. Aquí us adjunto la lletra. No us perdeu el vídeo, que hi ha enllaçat al final (hi ha fantàstiques coreografies!).

Libraries will survive

When the budget was first slashed,

I was petrified

How to do my job

With my new printer denied?

Then I ran off a few more

They didn't look too wrong

The streaks are long

But we'll just have to get along

So we step back

In the library's base

Approving fewer, but better programs

Without disgrace

Should we stop inviting authors?

Should we buy condensed books?

Pretty sure that the homeschoolers

Would just give us dirty looks

Come on now, walk, in our door

Just wander around now

You are welcome to explore

Did you think we'd stop reading to your kids?

We still want them

To learn about the pyramids

We'll advise!


For as long as we have patrons

Libraries will stay alive

We've got computers spread throughout

And so much to check out

We'll survive

We will survive

Hey hey

It took lots of hard work

To stand this budget squeeze

Trying hard to mend the pieces

of your DVDs

I drove oh so many miles

Just feeling sorry for myself

We used to worry

But we'll be better in a hurry

For us a crisis

Is nothing new

Just bring these items back by

The date that they are due

Check out new releases

Wonders to behold

But I'm saving this one for the patron

Who has placed the hold

Come on now, stroll, in our door

Check us out now

Take a book down to the shore

What do you think about this whole manga craze?

All I know is they

Make some really cute displays

Come to learn!

Something new!

For as long as you want

Just go online to renew

We've got meeting space for groups

From D.A.R. to Boy Scout Troops

We'll survive

We will survive

Hey hey

So come on now, walk in our door

Find inspiration and knowledge

How-to books to ancient lore

We still think libraries are the epitome of cool

To do a job search

Or get some help with school

And now we've built

Something new!

From now into the future

Libraries will stay true

We've got a mission to uphold

Just watch our tale unfold

We'll survive

We will survive

Hey hey

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